Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Young Internet "Addicts" Imprisoned in Camps by Chinese Communists

From Times Online
June 8, 2010
Chinese internet addicts stage mutiny at boot camp

Fourteen young detainees overcame their guard and fled a boot camp regime of physical training and psychological treatment designed to cure their addiction — to the internet.

The group, aged 15 to 22, staged their mass breakout by grabbing a duty supervisor when he was in bed and immobilising him in his quilt.

It is the latest incident to highlight the sometimes brutal techniques employed at camps across China to wean young people off the internet. A 15-year-old boy was beaten to death last year days after he was admitted to a camp. Last month a court sentenced two instructors to up to ten years in jail for the incident.

The China Youth Association for Network Development estimates that about 24 million Chinese adolescents are addicted to the internet, many to gaming sites.

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