Friday, June 11, 2010

Are Today's Liberals truly MARXISTS?

I am convinced that ALL liberals in America today are pure 100% Marxists. They don't know it. They don't understand any of this. They don't know what Marxism is. They don't know enough history or political theory to undestand the words. But they are pure Marxists. All of them.

Liberals passionately believe that they have a right to seize private property from other people simply because they want it. They do not believe in the rights of private property. They believe in only the rights of the collective (communism).

Liberals believe that the collective has all power and rights and authority, while the individual has NO rights. Their core philosophy is Marxism: The collective (meaning the elites in government) have 100% of all the rights in the society, and the individual has NO rights.

Therefore, if people simply want to TAKE what a person has, liberals believe they have the right to steal. In fact, when confronted with this, the challenge baffles them completely. They sputter with outrage at the suggestion that the government might not have the right to trample on everyone's rights and steal whatever people own. They don't even understand the question.

Liberals fixate on the rich. However, the only reason the rich are of interest is that there is no profit in stealing from the poor. The rich are simply today's target of opportunity. The rich are the ones who have things worth stealing. But the "collective" will trample on everyone's rights to take whatever it desires and to suppress whatever it does not like.

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