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RINO vs. Conservative Election Strategies

Many assume that picking a candidate is like launching a rocket. If you aim the rocket in the right direction and launch it with the right energy, that is IF YOU PICK THE PERFECT CANDIDATE, success is automatic.


This is absolutely wrong in my view. Electoral success, especially for the minority party in a State, is not determined by picking the perfect candidate, but by running a (near) perfect campaign, every single day.

If you understand that it is the campaign — not the candidate — that matters MOST, then you work every day to win. Otherwise, you sit back, pop some pop corn and WATCH, and throw insults at the candidate.

Success depends not just on having a great canddiate BUT ALSO ON HAVING A GREAT PARTY — EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. Everyone counts. All hands on deck. There is no one who won’t be missed. There is no one we can do without. There is no one too “small,” too part time, too unnoticed to spare.

If you understand that it is the quality of the CAMPAIGN that matters, YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, rather than just floating helplessly with the wind. YOU can go get trained. YOU can take charge of your precinct, whether the official leader or just assisting. YOU can make it happen.

If you think it is exclusively about the candidate, then you can sit back, do nothing, be lazy, and moan and groan and criticize, without being in any danger of having to do any work.

Bill Clinton had lots of baggage. Yet he won. A candidate has “baggage” when the opposing camp does a good job of puffing up issues into big deals, the candidate’s camp FAILS to defuse and respond to. A candidate is called a “STRONG CANDIDATE,” not because there is nothing in their life or career to criticize, but because their campaign does a better job of refuting, shouting down, obscuring, distracting from, etc. the criticism of their candidate than the other side does in attacking the candidate.

In hindsight, a candidate had “baggage” because their party did a lousy job of defending them.

In hindsight, a candidate was a “strong” candidate because their party PREVENTED several dozen potential land mines and time bombs from exploding.


In Delaware's 2010 US Senate race, Chris Coons had tons of baggage: PENDING LAWSUITS over political persecution of his rivals, some still in the courts. “Baggage?” No, because Republicans were more interested in attacking each other than in winning.

I walked neighborhoods for the RNC Victory campaign effort in October 2010 and DEMOCRATS told me they were voting for Christine O’Donnell because Chris Coons was their boss AND THEY COULDN’T STAND COONS after working under him. NCC finances collapsing. But because Republicans did not effectively address Coons’ weaknesses, he is considered a “strong” candidate. But it was the Democrat coalition that was strong, while the Republican coalition was weak.

Coons did not have "baggage" because the Republicans were ineffective. O'Donnell is said to have "baggage" because the Democrats were effective in their attacks.

If a football team does not protect its quarterback after the snap, the quarterback will be unable to run or throw a completed pass. Being under instant pressure, the quarterback will be forced to throw the ball away recklessly just before being smashed and squashed by the other team's rush.

NO quarterback can be effective if his team does not block the other team's rush. If you have ever seen a quarterback being rushed, expecting to have a few seconds to find and connect with his chosen receiver, and then suddenly in a panic as the otehr team's players are barrelling toward him, you get the picture. The sudden panic and scramble to get rid of the ball quick, without any effective success, is a perfect picture for the Republican Party.

One self-proclaimed "wiser" moderate independent insists on a political blog that an election is like launching a rocket. He claims you can predict what will happen on eletion day by the quality and NATURE of the candidate (i.e., appealing to moderates in his opinion).

But a campaign is most definitely NOT a ballistic motion. While I abhor the tendency to get all wrapped up in metaphors, and getting lost in the poetic imagery, a political campaign is called a RACE. That is a better model than a ballistic trajectory. In ballistic motion, the energy is imparted at the start (a gun’s internal explosion of gunpowder or a rocket’s engine), then the force STOPS, and the object COASTS — unpowered — along a ballistic trajectory, following only the laws of physics.

A campaign is more like a race, where EVERY STEP of the runner COUNTS. Every time the runner hits the ground and puts one foot in front of the other, each and every step makes a difference, from the starting gun, to cross the finish line tape. Everything that happens every hour of every day, right up until the polls close can change the outcome.

Obama campaign co-chair tied to subprime mortgage crisis

Obama campaign co-chair tied to subprime mortgage crisis
Daily Caller
Published: 1:14 AM 02/24/2012
Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, the Democrat who was named a national co-chair of President Obama’s re-election campaign on Wednesday, served on the board of a company that is widely blamed for helping start the subprime mortgage crisis in 2007.

Beginning in 2004, Patrick served two years on the five-member board of ACC Capital Holdings, the parent company of Ameriquest Mortgage. He was paid a $360,000 annual salary for his efforts, according to “All The Devils Are Here,” a history of the financial crisis by Bethany McClean and Joe Nocera.

Ameriquest had already been the subject of numerous criminal complaints when Patrick joined the board of ACC. But despite its troubles, the mortgage company was the country’s “dominant subprime lender” in the years preceding the housing crisis, according to McClean and Nocera.

The company’s short-term success had much to do with the fact that it would loan money to just about anyone, regardless of income. In an effort to compete, other mortgage companies began issuing loans that were unlikely to be repaid, a practice that would eventually cripple the industry and later the American economy itself.

Is Mitt Romney Electable, without Abandoning RINO Election Strategies?

After Mitt Romney’s win in Michigan (despite Democrats voting for Santorum or Paul in an open primary) and Arizona, it does become time to start accepting that we will have to support Mitt Romney over Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney can beat Barack Obama (though I think Newt or Santorum could do a better job of beating Obama in November). And it is up to us to MAKE IT HAPPEN, not to simply sit in the peanut gallery and throw insults. Our job is to “GIT ‘R DONE” not just spout opinions.

But Romney supporters are wrong in their theory that simply by launching the “right” candidate in the direction of November, victory is assured.

Romney WILL LOSE unless RINO’s, moderate Republicans, nameless, faceless establishment apparatchiks, self-appointed experts and gurus, etc. CHANGE THEIR ELECTION STRATEGIES AND THEORIES.

The election theory under which people think Romney is electable is a FAILED political concept under which Romney will lose. If the political analysis that calls Romney most electable is followed during the campaign, Romney’s candidacy will end in disasster.


WHICH WAS THE BETTER COMPUTER (especially at the start of the desk top computer revolution)?
Or Microsoft based IBM type?

Hands down, Apple computers and operating systems were (especially at the beginning) vastly superior to the Microsoft operating system running on IBM clones.


Superior MARKETING strategies defeated the better product. The inferior product beat the pants off the better product, because of Microsoft’s superior marketing strategies and efforts.

The theory — perfectly expressed by Dave in ballistic rocket terms — that success comes from launching a perfect candidate, and then DOING NOTHING until guaranteed success on election day — is why moderate Republicans fail.

The ballistic analogy offered by a moderate blogger Dave is perfect, because a ballistic trajectory means COASTING TO THE TARGET. A ballistic object (any object following ballistic motion, to be correct) IS COASTING after an initial burst of energy.

Moderate Dave gives us the perfect explanation of moderate Republican / RINO thinking:

They expect to COAST until election day. Choose the “perfect” candidate — who of course DOES NOT EXIST — and then COAST all the way to election day.

This thinking is exactly why RINO candidates end in disaster. Because the Democrats are pursuing an effective electoral strategy and the moderates and RINO’s are fiercely dedicated to a FAILED electoral strategy.

The RINO election strategy is: (1) pick a perfect candidate (who doesn’t exist and never has existed in the history of mankind), (2) expect a majority of Republicans, Democrats, independents, and third party voters to just AUTOMATICALLY vote for this candidate. (3) Do not give voters any REASON to vote for the Republian candidate. (4) Believe whatever the news media says about the Republican (but not the Democrat), and don’t ASK the candidate for his side of the story. (5) As soon as the Democrats find something to criticize about the GOP nominee — which they *ALWAYS* will 100% of the time, DUMP YOUR CANDIDATE OVER BOARD. Make sure you are publicly seen as the *FIRST* to criticize your own party’s nominee to prove how high-minded you are. The Democrats don’t need to campaign against the Republican, because Republicans will do it for them. Republicans want to run out in front of the parade and be seen as the FIRST to criticize the GOP nominee over any real or imagined fault. (6) Wait until two weeks before the election and then run around in a frenzy — way too late to do any good — and then claim you worked hard campaigning. (7) Remind Democrats to vote on election day. (8) Live in self-denial, and repeat the same mistakes election after election.

Because there is no such thing as a perfect candidate, when RINO’s discover a fault in their previously perfect candidate, their entire theory falls apart. Their strategy is based upon something that never has existed and never will. So when a fault is discovered in their candidate, they have no Plan B. They can’t win.

The only thing the Democrats in Delaware have to do is find something wrong with the “perfect” GOP nominee, and the RINO’s and moderate Republicans are toast. They have nowhere to go.

Because their electoral strategy is not based upon running an actual human being for political office, they cannot stand up for their nominee when under attack.

GUARANTEED: Over a billion dollars will be spent smearing Mitt Romney and mischaracterizing him. If you are not ready to RESPOND to these smears on MItt Romney, you may as well make your reservations for the Obama Inaugural Galas of January 2013.

In our elections, we have to vote for a human being, not a robot or demi-god. You can always find something about any candidate, or human being in any role, to find fault with.

Imagine if we went through life treating friends, co-workers or family the way some want to rake candidates over the coals: Constantly looking for every fault we can find and then magnifying it as big as we can. Yes we have to choose between candidates and so we look for differences. But at the end of the day, none of the candidates are THAT bad.

In fact, ironically, our American system was specifically designed with this reality in mind, that elected officials will be imperfect people.

Imagine trying to choose which brand of shampoo to buy. You stare at each bottle and find everything possible wrong with choice. Instead of comparing the brands to quickly make your choice, you become totally paralyzed finding every fault you can see with each choice. Instead of choosing which candidate you prefer, you become obsessed with every thing wrong with each of them, and never do make any choice at all.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Can Republicans beat Obama in 2012?

I have a bad feeling about Republicans (or anyone else) who think that success is automatic if they just pick the right candidate, or who think for any other reason that the whole thing just falls into place.

You can have the best football team in the world show up on the field, but they still have to IMPLEMENT a good game. They still have to come up with a good game strategy and good individual plays. They have to function as a team. They have to be “UP” and have their heads in the game. They have to put the team first, and not their individual feelings or egos. They have to “leave it all on the field.” A great team doesn’t win simply by showing up. Walking out on the field is the beginning, not the end.

However, if gas prices start hitting $5 a gallon in isolated places — I think I saw $4.90 something in some place like Los Angeles on a website — we could be heading for a Republican landslide.

Monday, February 13, 2012

“The State Ruling the Church” by Fay Voshell

The Obama Administration's war on religion, through Obama Care, is explained comprehensively and well in the original article:

Everyone knows that anyone who wants contraceptives has easy access to such measures even if he or she does not have a health plan that provides for them. The local friendly drugstore has aisles stacked to the ceiling with condoms and other “family planning” measures, while clinics such as Planned Parenthood hand out birth control pills and abortions with abandon — sometimes even to underage girls, as damning videos taken by James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles have shown.

What are we talking about here? Are you really going to submit a receipt for $7.99 for a box of Trojans to your health insurance?

Any contraceptive option would be less than the deductible for any health insurance plan I’ve seen, with the exception of surgical sterlization.

The central issue is government intimidation of and control over religious institutions. It is government’s overriding of the consciences of Catholics and members of other denominations who oppose abortifacients and sterilization.

The 2013 deadline for Catholic institutions to conform to the health care mandate is the proverbial governmental foot in the door for controlling religious institutions — actually, for controlling all people of faith who disagree with the administration’s stance toward abortion.

This is where many people don’t get it.

First, they argue that government should intrude on people’s lives to the maximum extent, the outer boundary, of any power it can arguably claim to have. So if they can find any argument where government CAN do something, it SHOULD do it, to the extreme.

Second, government here is not prohibiting a practice that is independently in a neutral manner to religion prohibited. For example, Islamic sermons from Imams on Arab television teaching Muslims the correct way to beat their wives can be found all over You Tube. But the law in America prohibits anyone, regardless of their religion, from beating anyone, especially not their wives.

Here, the government is commanding religious institutions to *DO* something that their religion forbids. The government is commanding them to ACT in violation of their beliefs.

But there are even worse consequences if the government continues to try to coerce the church against its conscience and doctrines of faith and practice. If the push to force the churches into positions compromising its rules of faith and practice succeeds, and the church capitulates, there is absolutely no church or church institution the government will not seek to control completely.

An apologist for the Obama regulations - not a supporter of Obama, but an opponent of social conservative issues within the Republican party) debated this with me on a blog:

Is a religious institution bound by any laws, such as labor laws, health and safety regulations, ERISA, etc. etc.? Where does one draw the line in regulation.

Where that regulation conflicts with the institution’s core religious beliefs. For example, a business cannot hire people based on their religious beliefs. A religious institution has every right to hire people who share their religious beliefs, otherwise it could not carry out its religious mission.

(And by the way, people don’t understand that: An Italian restaurant is allowed to hire only Italians, in order to create an environment of an authentic Italian experience, probably with everyone speaking Italian. Where laws undermine the church’s ability to function, they must fall to the “free exercise of religion” commandment of the First Amendment.)

The Obama Administration is demanding that the Catholic Church publicly repudiate some of its religious teachings, by declaring (through their actions) as acceptable what their religious teaching proclaims as unacceptable.

If an employment law forbids a requirement for employees to pray during the work day, this cannot and must not be applied to a religious institution.

Do employees of a religious institution have any rights?

If they chose to work for a religious institution, they have chosen to conform to those beliefs. You have to accept THEIR choice to submit to those religious beliefs. It is not your choice to undo their choice of where they want to work.

If a religious institution accepts federal funding (for any reason) should they be allowed to ignore the conditions under which those funds were accepted?

YES. Federal funding is supposed to be to further a purpose — not as a backdoor means of controlling people, beyond the legitimate scope of authority of the Federal government. Where the Congress does not have authority to pass regulations, it should never be using Federal funding to do indirectly what it is not permitted to do directly.

Religious institutions already have the benefit of not being taxed, what’s next, their workers would not be considered employees?

EVERY non-profit organization has the benefit of not being taxed, including the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, the National Organization for Women (do you think I could get a job at N.O.W. as a conservative Republican male?), and even Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington where Melanie Sloan “earns” $230,000 a year for running around slandering people without foundation.

Many hospitals, religious and non-religious, are non-profit institutions.

Can Mitt Romney truly Win Against Barack Obama?

Whether Mitt Romney can beat Barack Obama or not is *NOT* going to be decided by early opinion polls at this stage (which are mostly just an echo chamber of the media spin that Mitt Romney can win, because we say so).

It will be decided by how well or poorly Mitt Romney EXECUTES on his campaign strategy and tasks ahead.

This is part of the RINO disease. The moderate wing of the Republican party is obsessed with the idea that if you just put up the “perfect” candidate (usually meaning someone who offends no one by standing for nothing), everything just falls into place automatically. They think that if a moderate Republican is simply “nice” then the Independents will — for no good reason whatsoever — all vote for him. Why they assume that Independents will vote Republican without being given any reason to do so, is left unexplained.

Whether Mitt Romney wins or loses will be decided by how well Romney’s team explains his “case” and defends against attacks. NOTHING that Romney supporters point to will decide the November election. Whether Romney can take a lesson (a hundred lessons) from Newt Gingrich — but without Newt’s baggage — will determine Mitt Romney’s vote totals on election night this November.

For example, Mitt Romney’s explanation for how his work at Bain Capital translates into an ability to restore a strong economy has been WEAK at best, certainly VAGUE, allowing others to fill in the canvass with colors to their liking. If Mitt Romney does not nail that down, the Obama propaganda team will have people thinking Romney is Bernie Madoff by November.

The best person I know who could hit that out of the park is Christine O’Donnell. She excels at sharpening the message, boiling it down to a powerful, memorable, easily-grasped, persuasive presentation, and delivering it well. She could be out there explaining Romney’s record, in terms of how things really work in the business world, before Obama’s team gets around to smearing Romney. Romney would be well advised to (but won’t) sit down and take some lessons from Christine on getting his message across. I know I’ve learned some things from her. Not enough, obviously.

But someone is going to have to do a lot better job of selling Mitt Romney’s strong points than Romney has done so far.

Mitt Romney joins chorus against Obama War on Catholic Religious Liberty

by Jon Moseley

Calling all Mitt Romney supporters:

Your TEAM is on board, too. This is a UNITED FRONT against the Obama arrogance and dictatorial approach to America: Mitt Romney is right in there on this issue 100%. We are all ready to go "full speed ahead" on exposing this left-wing agenda.

Peeling away Catholic votes from Obama, at least if they stay home in November, could be the one greatest action to defeat Barack Obama.

MITT ROMNEY CONDEMNS THE OBAMA ATTACK ON RELIGION on February 12. Mitt Romney calls Obama's Friday, February 11, compromise "DECEPTIVE" -- and does an excellent job of exposing how absurd the Obama fig leaf is: "Do you know any companies that give things out for free..."

"This is an attempt by Obama to put sand over the mess he's made."
Mitt Romney explains that he FOUGHT similar efforts in Massachusetts, and repeatedly vetoed such attempts in Massachusetts. Some have pointed to Massachusetts, but Romney clarifies that he vigorously fought against the Massachusetts legislature AND VOWS TO REVERSE OBAMA on such measures now.

NOTE: Obama already promised once not to do this, then broke his word. Why should Catholics and other religious followers BELIEVE that Obama won't break his word again after re-elected in November?

NOTE ALSO: I don't know the price of birth control pills, so I asked my father, a retired doctor. (Anyone can see prices displayed in the supermarket of some birth control.) Dad confirms that the costs of contraceptiives are MINIMAL (other than surgical sterlization). Dad says his heart medication is (loosely, speaking colorfully) 100 times more expensive than typical birth control pills.

So THERE IS NO REASON WHY ANYONE NEEDS HEALTH INSURANCE TO REIMBURSE THEM $7.99 for a box of condoms or maybe $12.99 to $16.99 for the super economy pack. How many people are really going to send in a receipt for $7.99 to their health insurance?


THIS IS ABOUT ABORTION, NOT CONTRACEPTIVES. Once the Federal government establishes the raw power and precedent that religious hospitals do not have any religious exemption, they will then be required to perform abortions.

And the ultimate goal is to crush religious resistance to the liberal agenda in American life.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The New York Times: Do We Need a New Republican Party?

Thomas Friedman is completely wrong (as usual), in the post at Chron from the New York Times.

Friedman postulates that because the country has challenges ahead, therefore an old party (not nearly as old as the Democrat Party, however) would be unable to meet them.

Balderdash. Until you can point to a bold new solution or program to meet the challenges of tomorrow that the Republican Party refuses to adopt, other than for being truly stupid or a bad idea, then you have no complaint.

Chances are, if someone comes up with a bold new solution or program for tomorrow's challenges (a) Newt Gingrich already proposed it 20 years ago, taught it extensively through GOPAC and his satellite TV training program, and is ready to pull the trigger on it on January 21, 2013, (b) the entire Republican party would quickly embrace such an idea from whatever source long before the unionized Democrat Party figures out what the idea is all about.

But Friedman then parades a list of issues which clearly belong in the private sector, in which the government should not play any role. Unless Friedman's plan is to convert the USA into the USSR, his list of priorities burnishes his socialist credentials, but does not a convincing argument make.

Case in point: When Bill Gates was creating MICROSOFT in his parent's garage, WHAT GOVERNMENT AGENCY, REGULATION, OR PROGRAM WAS IT that was in the Gates' garage with them?

Hint: If the government had been involved, Microsoft would have gone bankrupt before delivering its first operating system, costing the goverment millions of dollars in bad loans.

The only plausible example Friedman offers is his claim that Republicans would not accept $1 of tax increases for $10 of spending cuts.

But this ignores the obvious reality that Congressional DEMOCRATS LIE -- and we have figured that out by now. We've seen that movie before.... over and over and over. How many times do you think we should believe promises of spending cuts that never happen, before we figure out "You know, those $10 of spending cuts will probably NEVER HAPPEN."

The fact that Republicans would not take that deal shows what is RIGHT about the GOP, not a defect. We've been taken to the cleaners before. We learned not to trust Democrats any more. And the GOP hung together to toe the line. That is a sign of the GOP's strength, not its weakness.

Republicans pro-Black, Democrats the Party of Slavery

John Sigler’s Chairman’s Corner
Feb 10th, 2012 by David Anderson

Good Afternoon and Welcome to a “Special Edition” of The Chairman’s Corner.

Throughout this month of February, your Delaware Republican Party enthusiastically joins this nation’s African- American community and all Delawareans in celebrating Black History Month (or National African American History Month).

From Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant to Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower, Gerald R. Ford, Richard M. Nixon and George W. Bush, America’s Republican Party leaders have fought tirelessly against the poison of racism that flows through the veins of far too many people of all political persuasions and affiliations. The Republican quest for smaller, more effective government that eschews the cynicism of crony capitalism, and challenges the “reality” of generational dependency infecting this current administration and far too many in Congress, is an honorable goal that serves all men and women equally well.

It was President Gerald R. Ford who, in 1976, signed the very first presidential proclamation establishing February as “Black History Month,” setting this month aside as a time to honor the many important contributions African-Americans have made toward making America “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” It is because of President Ford’s efforts that all Americans are now better able to appreciate the contributions and sacrifices of America’s African-American visionaries, patriots, scholars and leaders, many of whom were proud and loyal Republicans, just like you and me.

Many of us think of the Republican Party as “The Party of Lincoln.” And so it is.

But ours is also “The Party of Frederick Douglas” and the party of Harriet Tubman, Carter G. Woodson and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Add to this list many other distinguished and accomplished African-American Republicans, such as Mary McLeod Bethune, Don King, Jackie Robinson, Lynn Swann, Sammy Davis, Jr., Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Justice Clarence Thomas and Alveda C. King. There are thousands and thousands of others who have given so much of which we are so proud and who have made a tremendously positive difference in each of our lives.

After the Civil War, 23 black men (13 of whom were former slaves), were elected to Congress, all as members of the Republican Party. President Richard Nixon’s Executive Order No. 11625 made certain the authority of the Secretary of Commerce to “implement Federal policy in support of the minority enterprise effort.” President Bush had a much more diverse assembly of Cabinet Secretaries than President Obama, including General Colin Powell, the first ever black Secretary of State, who was then succeeded in the post by another distinguished African-American Republican, Dr. Condoleezza Rice – the first African-American woman to rise to become third in the line of succession to the presidency.

This election year, Democrat opposition to fiscally responsible Republican policies will portray the GOP in many distasteful ways – and yes, the “race card” will be played again and again. This, unfortunately, is to be expected in a hotly contested election year in which the incumbent President has so few positive accomplishments upon which to base his re-election campaign. Black voters are crushed under 13.6% unemployment, approximately twice that of white unemployment (7.4%) yet Democrats push for raising mandatory minimum wage requirements, which ultimately causes even more unemployment for the largest segment of minimum wage earners, black teenagers.

For these reasons and many others, the Republican Party supported 32 African-Americans running for Congress in 2010. This is a contemporary historical truth … and we believe this is still just the beginning. Look for more in 2012. Meanwhile, allies like the National Black Republican Association continue to lead the way and provide information to voters willing to seek the truth.

Here’s another “truth:” ObamaCare is already raising taxes on the middle class and causing more middle class unemployment while this administration rewards wealthy investment bankers for their role in creating this great recession, all of which disproportionally impacts the African-American community. It’s no surprise that millions of Americans are rejecting the opposition’s false advertising claims that Republicans are “for” big business while Democrats are “for” the people. It just goes to prove once again that “… you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

As more investigations and hearings uncover additional “pay-to-play” scandals and political corruption in the Obama administration, we in Delaware’s Republican Party welcome and embrace politically disillusioned people of all races, all nationalities and from all walks of life. I invite you to attend our meetings, get to know and become involved with the Party, and vote Republican in 2012.

And when you attend one of our meetings, please bring a friend. Everyone is welcome in our Republican Party.

John C. Sigler, Chairman