Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Can Republicans beat Obama in 2012?

I have a bad feeling about Republicans (or anyone else) who think that success is automatic if they just pick the right candidate, or who think for any other reason that the whole thing just falls into place.

You can have the best football team in the world show up on the field, but they still have to IMPLEMENT a good game. They still have to come up with a good game strategy and good individual plays. They have to function as a team. They have to be “UP” and have their heads in the game. They have to put the team first, and not their individual feelings or egos. They have to “leave it all on the field.” A great team doesn’t win simply by showing up. Walking out on the field is the beginning, not the end.

However, if gas prices start hitting $5 a gallon in isolated places — I think I saw $4.90 something in some place like Los Angeles on a website — we could be heading for a Republican landslide.

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