Friday, May 20, 2011

Eugene Delgaudio -- Always controversial: by Jon Moseley

Meet one of the most colorful politicians in Virginia -- Eugene Delgaudio. When it comes to getting attention Delgaudio brings a rich assortment of tricks to the picture. Delgaudio is controversial -- loved by many conservatives, a walking scandal to liberals.

Delgaudio has been an elected member of the Board of Supervisors for more than a decade. He is a wealth of experience and knowledge on how to run elections. Some of Delgaudio's innovative tricks for winning elections are among the best around.

For example, after winning election, Delgaudio stood in the median strip of the busiest highway with a sign saying "THANK YOU" and bowing deeply to the voters in the traffic. This rich photograph was too good for news media to resist. So this photograph of Delgaudio appeared on the front cover of all the newspapers -- free publicity for Delgaudio's next run for re-election, of course! If it is a question of seeking publicity, Delgaudio pleads guilty.

Delgaudio takes every opportunity to be helpful in the community of Sterling. His email blasts are frequent -- but useful. Some politicians schedule an email and then try to think up a reason. Eugene Delgaudio looks for a reason first, but he notices things that most politicians miss. Fun community events, weather alerts, road construction, high school sporting events, activiites for kids, helpful hints -- things that people really care about. Voters look forward to the helpful information. And every two years they remember at the polls.

I have never seen a politician who more enthusiastically stays involved with people in the commmunity all during his term. And he has survived many attempts to kick him out of office.

Delgaudio chose a signature color: orange. Everything about his campaign is orange. He passed out orange whistles for the kiddies, and wears his signature orange hat everywhere. So far, he has not yet taken to wearing oranges clothes.

Yet curiously, the other side of Eugene Delgaudio is quote unusual, too. Unlike some of the Western Supervisors, Delgaudio isn't rich. In his day job, Eugene Delgaudio runs Public Advocate, which went from seeking the impeachment of Bill Clinton for lying about having sex with intern Monica Lewinsky to now opposing the homosexual agenda.

The respected Supervisor whom liberals can't get out of office in Loudoun, elsewhere is busy protecting the boy scouts from child pornographers and gay predators. Delgaudio does not exactly admit his activism to Loudoun voters.

Delgaudio's fund-raising and attention-getting would make Richard Viguerie proud.

Unlike the staid official Delgaudio in Loudoun County, the fund-raising and activities for Public Advocate are incendiary. Delgaudio warns about TSA agents screening passengers who had been charged with child pornography. Another post cries: "Lawless Gay Lynch Mob Breaks Firm's Legs For Boss Obama--Cripples Defense of Marriage Team In Broad Daylight"

In his curious role at Public Advocate, Delgaudio warns of homosexuals molesting underage girls and boys and possibly trafficking in child pornography with young girls and boys. Apparently it works.