Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is Mitt Romney Electable, without Abandoning RINO Election Strategies?

After Mitt Romney’s win in Michigan (despite Democrats voting for Santorum or Paul in an open primary) and Arizona, it does become time to start accepting that we will have to support Mitt Romney over Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney can beat Barack Obama (though I think Newt or Santorum could do a better job of beating Obama in November). And it is up to us to MAKE IT HAPPEN, not to simply sit in the peanut gallery and throw insults. Our job is to “GIT ‘R DONE” not just spout opinions.

But Romney supporters are wrong in their theory that simply by launching the “right” candidate in the direction of November, victory is assured.

Romney WILL LOSE unless RINO’s, moderate Republicans, nameless, faceless establishment apparatchiks, self-appointed experts and gurus, etc. CHANGE THEIR ELECTION STRATEGIES AND THEORIES.

The election theory under which people think Romney is electable is a FAILED political concept under which Romney will lose. If the political analysis that calls Romney most electable is followed during the campaign, Romney’s candidacy will end in disasster.


WHICH WAS THE BETTER COMPUTER (especially at the start of the desk top computer revolution)?
Or Microsoft based IBM type?

Hands down, Apple computers and operating systems were (especially at the beginning) vastly superior to the Microsoft operating system running on IBM clones.


Superior MARKETING strategies defeated the better product. The inferior product beat the pants off the better product, because of Microsoft’s superior marketing strategies and efforts.

The theory — perfectly expressed by Dave in ballistic rocket terms — that success comes from launching a perfect candidate, and then DOING NOTHING until guaranteed success on election day — is why moderate Republicans fail.

The ballistic analogy offered by a moderate blogger Dave is perfect, because a ballistic trajectory means COASTING TO THE TARGET. A ballistic object (any object following ballistic motion, to be correct) IS COASTING after an initial burst of energy.

Moderate Dave gives us the perfect explanation of moderate Republican / RINO thinking:

They expect to COAST until election day. Choose the “perfect” candidate — who of course DOES NOT EXIST — and then COAST all the way to election day.

This thinking is exactly why RINO candidates end in disaster. Because the Democrats are pursuing an effective electoral strategy and the moderates and RINO’s are fiercely dedicated to a FAILED electoral strategy.

The RINO election strategy is: (1) pick a perfect candidate (who doesn’t exist and never has existed in the history of mankind), (2) expect a majority of Republicans, Democrats, independents, and third party voters to just AUTOMATICALLY vote for this candidate. (3) Do not give voters any REASON to vote for the Republian candidate. (4) Believe whatever the news media says about the Republican (but not the Democrat), and don’t ASK the candidate for his side of the story. (5) As soon as the Democrats find something to criticize about the GOP nominee — which they *ALWAYS* will 100% of the time, DUMP YOUR CANDIDATE OVER BOARD. Make sure you are publicly seen as the *FIRST* to criticize your own party’s nominee to prove how high-minded you are. The Democrats don’t need to campaign against the Republican, because Republicans will do it for them. Republicans want to run out in front of the parade and be seen as the FIRST to criticize the GOP nominee over any real or imagined fault. (6) Wait until two weeks before the election and then run around in a frenzy — way too late to do any good — and then claim you worked hard campaigning. (7) Remind Democrats to vote on election day. (8) Live in self-denial, and repeat the same mistakes election after election.

Because there is no such thing as a perfect candidate, when RINO’s discover a fault in their previously perfect candidate, their entire theory falls apart. Their strategy is based upon something that never has existed and never will. So when a fault is discovered in their candidate, they have no Plan B. They can’t win.

The only thing the Democrats in Delaware have to do is find something wrong with the “perfect” GOP nominee, and the RINO’s and moderate Republicans are toast. They have nowhere to go.

Because their electoral strategy is not based upon running an actual human being for political office, they cannot stand up for their nominee when under attack.

GUARANTEED: Over a billion dollars will be spent smearing Mitt Romney and mischaracterizing him. If you are not ready to RESPOND to these smears on MItt Romney, you may as well make your reservations for the Obama Inaugural Galas of January 2013.

In our elections, we have to vote for a human being, not a robot or demi-god. You can always find something about any candidate, or human being in any role, to find fault with.

Imagine if we went through life treating friends, co-workers or family the way some want to rake candidates over the coals: Constantly looking for every fault we can find and then magnifying it as big as we can. Yes we have to choose between candidates and so we look for differences. But at the end of the day, none of the candidates are THAT bad.

In fact, ironically, our American system was specifically designed with this reality in mind, that elected officials will be imperfect people.

Imagine trying to choose which brand of shampoo to buy. You stare at each bottle and find everything possible wrong with choice. Instead of comparing the brands to quickly make your choice, you become totally paralyzed finding every fault you can see with each choice. Instead of choosing which candidate you prefer, you become obsessed with every thing wrong with each of them, and never do make any choice at all.

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