Monday, February 13, 2012

Can Mitt Romney truly Win Against Barack Obama?

Whether Mitt Romney can beat Barack Obama or not is *NOT* going to be decided by early opinion polls at this stage (which are mostly just an echo chamber of the media spin that Mitt Romney can win, because we say so).

It will be decided by how well or poorly Mitt Romney EXECUTES on his campaign strategy and tasks ahead.

This is part of the RINO disease. The moderate wing of the Republican party is obsessed with the idea that if you just put up the “perfect” candidate (usually meaning someone who offends no one by standing for nothing), everything just falls into place automatically. They think that if a moderate Republican is simply “nice” then the Independents will — for no good reason whatsoever — all vote for him. Why they assume that Independents will vote Republican without being given any reason to do so, is left unexplained.

Whether Mitt Romney wins or loses will be decided by how well Romney’s team explains his “case” and defends against attacks. NOTHING that Romney supporters point to will decide the November election. Whether Romney can take a lesson (a hundred lessons) from Newt Gingrich — but without Newt’s baggage — will determine Mitt Romney’s vote totals on election night this November.

For example, Mitt Romney’s explanation for how his work at Bain Capital translates into an ability to restore a strong economy has been WEAK at best, certainly VAGUE, allowing others to fill in the canvass with colors to their liking. If Mitt Romney does not nail that down, the Obama propaganda team will have people thinking Romney is Bernie Madoff by November.

The best person I know who could hit that out of the park is Christine O’Donnell. She excels at sharpening the message, boiling it down to a powerful, memorable, easily-grasped, persuasive presentation, and delivering it well. She could be out there explaining Romney’s record, in terms of how things really work in the business world, before Obama’s team gets around to smearing Romney. Romney would be well advised to (but won’t) sit down and take some lessons from Christine on getting his message across. I know I’ve learned some things from her. Not enough, obviously.

But someone is going to have to do a lot better job of selling Mitt Romney’s strong points than Romney has done so far.

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