Monday, June 14, 2010

Politics is a "TEAM SPORT" -- Not Individiaul

Conservatives need to learn why liberals with bad policies and bad ideas can win greater support than conservatives with wise policies and good ideas. Listening on C-SPAN to the conference of the socialist organization "Campaign for America's Future" gave a lot of clues about liberal tactics that work.

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins -- CEO of the foolhardy "Green for All" -- explained how liberal activists work and why they succeed: POLITICS IS A TEAM SPORT. We sometimes think we are out acting as individuals. But you cannot win a football game without working together as a team. And you cannot achieve political goals alone, either.

All of the speakers also emphasized the theme that electing Obama as President is not enough to get what they want. Electing a President and Congress is only a beginning, they stressed. They described how the outside political activism is like the wind in the sail. Activism cannot stop.

To get their agenda passed, a movement cannot count on electing even their friends to office. Political activism in the public arena is still necessary to get thigns done.

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