Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Hopeless Search for Government that Works

Watching the conference of the left-wing Campaign for America's Future brought into focus one of the fundamental defects of liberalism in America.

Almost all of the problems facing America involve a failure of government -- even though the mainstream media and liberal politicians are desperately trying to spin these as failures of business. At worst, they are both.

So almost everything that the Left is arguing and screaming about comes down to the idea that we need to fix government so that government will work. Ilyse Hogue of, along with others, passionately argued for persuading the country that government is good and can benefit people.

The Left is obsessed with "corporate lobbyists" and "corporate influence." Translation: We know government doesn't work, so we have to blame someone for why government isn't working.

The Left is searching for that "good" government which will make everything wonderful, as opposed to that "bad" government that we are witnessing in every aspect of history and reality.

So they assume that government is good and wonderful and beneficial.... but when it never works out that way, they need an excuse. They have to argue that the wrong people are running government. Evil forces are work.

Or could it be that government really doesn't work?

Someone needs to ask the question: Is there such a thing as this wonderful, good, beneficial government? Does it even exist?

Our Founding Fathers certainly did not believe that government was this wonderful great benefit. They saw government as a (barely) necessary evil that needed to be restrained. Our Founders had to knock heads and fight just to agree on the idea of creating ANY Federal government.

Our country was founded on the belief that GOVERNMENT IS LIKE A FIRE: Extremely dangerous if let out of its boundaries. It can warm us if kept carefully confined. But it can burn down the entire village if it is escapes from its boundaries.

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