Monday, June 21, 2010

A Reader's Comment: I think "Spinning for Obama"

We received a fairly long comment to the post
BP Oil Spill: Against Gov. Jindal's Wishes, Crude-Sucking Barges Stopped by Coast Guard59 Days Into Oil Crisis, Gulf Coast Governors Say Feds Are Failing Them

I regret that Blogger does not display comments in a way that they are easy to see (without hunting for them), because I value an exchange of ideas and a discussion of these topics. I would like the commenters' points to be prominently visible. I hope to transform this blog into a more sophisticated website that will allow that.

However, I would like to comment myself on the comment, because (independently of the importance of hearing all sides in a discussion) I happen to think that the comment illustrates the classic Obama spin:

Anonymous said...
This is funny, right? This entire website is devoted to reveal the extent to which the Democratic Party is trampling on civil liberties, and centralizing government. Yet in order to hold this view, you have to forget the lasting negative effects of the previous administration. You can look at the patriotact, for instance. For more economic destructions that occurred during the lastadministration, you can research the eclipse of WTO treaties in the United States,and the NAFTA superhighway.I don't believe that those who run this website consider these things, because thisis a google ad hut, where they direct you to pointless jargon in order to sell clickable ads.What a shame.
June 18, 2010 3:52 AM
I want to comment because this reflects the STANDARD formula being followed Every objection to the direction of the country is "answered" by saying "why didn't you object to these things under Bush?"

Well, WE DID object under Bush. That's the first problem with the argument.

Back in 2005, all the well-known conservatives and conservative organizations were screaming about massive overspending under a Republican Congress and President Bush. The reason that the Republicans lost in 2006 is that conservatives went on strike, and stayed home. (And I don't mean on election day, I mean in the thousands of actions that need to take place during an election leading up to election day.)

If the Republican Party does not have a "come to Jesus" moment like "the Prodigal Son" and return to its conservative roots, conservatives will not continue to play the sucker and support the GOP. There will be a third party "Tea Party" -- and at this point conservatives don't give a damn whether it succeeds or not. Conservatives ar enot going to keep subsidizing disastrous GOP policies of over-spending and expanding big government.

NEXT, the World Trade Organization treaty (GATT) was signed BY BILL CLINTON in 1995. Not by a Republican. NAFTA was pushed through the Senate by Bill Clinton and by Al Gore's famous debate with Ross Perot.

The "New Left" embarked on a deliberate plan to hijack the Democrat Party in the 1960's, and has become a truly Marxist party. The Republican party has FAILED to distinguish itself and create a contrast. The GOP has from lack of backbone fallen into a "me too" surrender, instead of standing up and fighting.

THAT is the point of this website: To educate, inform, and motivate peopl to understand that the Democrats of the "New Left" are truly Marxists, and that the GOP needs to START opposing this Marxism in America.

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