Monday, December 2, 2013

Pope Francis, HEAL THYSELF -- not Blame Others: Catholic Church Operates largest school system in the world outside of government. Francis: YOU help the poor

        Catholicism's new Pope Francis has called for efforts by someone else to help the world's poor and to reduce income inequality.  The Pope is a teacher of Christianity for world Catholicism but also a chief executive managing the vast global enterprise of the Catholic Church.

         Education and training for vocational (practical) skills -- such as learning to be a carpenter -- would be one of the greatest solutions to worldwide poverty.  As it happens, the largest school system in the world outside of government is operated by the Catholic Church.  (To be fair, Catholicism is not one single legal organization.)

         Pope Francis has direct power or at least tremendous influence over the world's Catholic schools and colleges.   Once upon a time, even non-Catholic parents worked hard to place their children in a Catholic parochial school to give their children the best chance in life.

         But for the last 50-60 years, Catholic schools have been neglected by pretty much everyone, including Vatican leaders.  Schools once launched to benefit society are forgotten.  The Vatican could lead a project to rejuvenate those schools, including by rejecting experimental fads.

Former President Bill Clinton raised $74 billion dollars in donations or pledges for his Clinton Global Initiative for reasons unknown.  Couldn't Pope Francis succeed to the same level as philandering Bill Clinton?  Could Francis campaign for a billion dollars in donations to give job skills and an education to the poor and middle class in poor countries?  No one knows what Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are doing with their $74 billion sucked out of gullible celebrities and the idle rich.  How much easier would it be for Pope Francis to raise money for schools for the poor?


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