Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lack of Leadership in the Republican Party

GEORGE W. BUSH told us that he was a COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATIVE -- insulting conservatives as if we are not.

So what is "W" doing in retirement? Building houses for the poor like Carter? Nope. Raising money for charity like Bill Clinton? Nope. He is painting pictures of Barney his dog.

 I think traditional conservatives were always a lot more compassionate than George W Bush, Karl Rove, or that whole crew. So pleased that you are learning to paint in your retirement, George W Bush. Could you sell some of those paintings and give the money to the poor?

YOU -- W - lectured us about being more compassionate.

Similarly, Does anyone else think that SARAH PALIN keeps playing "SMALL BALL?" She could be headlining fund-raising dinners or campaigning for Republicans for 2014. Instead she is hawking her Christmas recipe book. Christmas is good.

But SARAH PALIN keeps AIMING LOW. She could be reshaping the country at a dangerous moment in our history. Instead she is selling a recipe book.

YES, THAT IS NOW. It is probably 6 months LATE. Getting organized and raising money for campaigns NOW -- 6 months ago even -- will decide who the Republican nominees will be in 2014

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