Friday, August 24, 2012

What is a RINO -- estabilshment Republican?

There is a serious need to come up with better terms to describe different movements.

Liberals are not for liberty. Conservatives don’t want to conserve, at least not as an overriding rule. Most “country club Republicans” have never been to a country club. Blue blood Republicans doesn’t really explain whom you are talking about. They used to be called Rockefeller Republicans because they supported Rockefeller. There are probably very few Republicans today who were even alive when Rockefeller was on the ballot.

There are libertarians and then there are libertarians. There is one movement that is highly intellectual, well-read, academic, with a strong and profound sense of their political philosophy. There is a completely different movement HIJACKING the name libertarian who are just one provocation away from rioting in the streets, burning cars, and smashing storefront windows “like” the anti-IMF / anti-Globalization riots. I mean “like” because I think they *ARE* the same people, who are just flying under the libertarian label to try to cause havoc within the GOP.

So how do we describe the very different characters who always seem to get everything wrong, all the time, in the GOP, and spend all their time and effort trying to tear down conservatives who actually have the answers?

As I have said, I think the dominant characteristics of these RINO’s is COWARDICE. They are afraid of what the newspaper will say. They are afraid of what their neighbors, co-workers, family will say.

The dominant distinction between Republicans who actually have the answers (=conservatives) and the RINO’s is that
  • Conservatives believe it is more important to be right and to do the right thing, regardless of the personal price one must pay
  • RINO’s believe that nothing matters except their own personal comfort, convenience, and feelings and are willing to sacrifice the country and our future in order to remain popular and friendly with their neighbors, co-workers, family, etc.
A conservative will die confident that he or she has tried his or her very best to do what is right.
A RINO will die a thousand deaths, mortified at the possibility that someone might say something negative about them.

I don’t believe any true RINO ever created a job. That would require taking a risk. Someone might criticize them. What if it didn’t work? What would people say?
Better to play it safe.

(And the funny thing about “playing it safe” is that it is the path MOST LIKELY TO FAIL. “Playing it safe” is usually the riskiest course of action possible.)

A true RINO is the corporate bureaucrat who may manages the businesses that other true entrepreneurs created. But a true RINO is — by disposition — not a job creator.

A true job creator is an entrepreneur who would never put up with RINO’s.

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