Monday, January 2, 2012

Moderate Republicans Search for a Mirage: The Lazy Man's Candidate

On a Delaware political blog, a moderate Republican argued:

Also, most independents will support Mr. Romney. You will also see some democrats cross over and vote for Mr. Romney.

My analysis and response, from Jonathon Moseley:
REALLY? The smear ads against Romney — remember I am arguing that *ANY* Republican will be smeared, because the standard play book continues to work so this comment concerns only the Romney variant of what will be thrown against ANY Republican nominee — will drive Independent voters in to the arms of Obama.

The moderate disease is the perennial search for “the lazy man’s candidate” — a candidate who will win without any effort. Moderates and RINO’s long for the candidate they can watch from their couch, eating potato chips, who will coast to an easy victory. However, there is no easy way to snatch power away from the other team. It will require hard work, house by house, block by block, and news release by news release countering lies, smears, and propaganda.

TV ads that have already been written, but you haven’t seen them on TV yet, will paint Romney as the Monopoly game fat cat rich robber baron. Obama will say Romney is the 1% versus the 99%, that Romney is Wall Street. They will say Romney is the problem, that caused the mortgage melt down crisis. Romney is the reason you are out of work, they will say. Romney is one of the guys who stole your house in foreclosure (that’s a silly argument, but that is the kind of superficial nonsense that Democrats use as propaganda).

Of course, the news media will join Obama’s “Hallelujah chorus” as the Obama back-up singers. “Obama and the News midgets” will sing whatever song Obama wants, plastering the country wall to wall with Obama’s message — no matter who the candidate is.

We will face thousands of stories about how Mitt Romney is everything that you feared about the Republican Party: Rich Wall Street bankster who stole your house.

“Bain Capital: Mitt Romney became rich working for Bain Capital. Mitt Romney will be a TAILOR MADE villain for them. Did you know that Bain Capital gutted companies and made a lot of money, in part, by laying off a lot of poor and middle class Americans? Do you know that Bain Capital got a federal bailout and Mitt Romney made lots of money off of it?”


Remember that Barack Obama raised and spent 3/4′s of a BILLION dollars in 2008 — and he still has that fundraising mailing list. Obama will have gigantic amounts of money to run ads depicting Romney as one of the Wall Street banksters who hae wrecked the country.

By the time the Obama campaign gets done with Mitt Romney, Romney will have to go into hiding out of fear of being tarred and feathered by angry mobs of unemployed people.

The American people are fed up with inexperienced leadership.

Really? That is why Herman Cain was leading the pack? He was taken out only by sniper fire, not because people wanted someone experienced with and infected by life inside the Beltway.

If you want experienced leadership, then Newt Gingrich is your man. Newt was 3rd in line to be President as Speaker of the House. That means that Newt was already trained on and briefed on top secret information, developments, and procedures in case he needed to step in as President. As Speaker, he has already led the Congress. To accomplish anything a President must be able to rally Congress to pass his legislation. Newt has actually done that before. Newt has actually balanced the Federal budget (Bill Clinton resisted and was dragged kicking and screaming, by Newt, into balancing the budget.) Newt has actually reformed government programs like welfare. Newt has actually saved social security and medicare by extending their financial lives and financial stability, for a season. Newt actually led a Republican revolution.

So it is not about experience.

It is about the futile search for the lazy man’s candidate, which is chasing a mirage.

The problem is not finding the perfect candidate.


We keep searching for the perfect general to lead an unruly, disorganized, undisciplined Republican “army” that cannot organize lunch without fighting and breaking up into 10 different factions (about lunch).

The problem is not in our leaders, dear friends. The problem is in oursselves.

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