Monday, January 2, 2012

Is RON PAUL appealing to Jew hating ANTI-SEMITES?

Blaming "International bankers" has been an anti-Jewish conspiracy theory for several centuries. Ron Paul excuses CONGRESS who VOTES TO SPEND THE MONEY and instead blames "central banking" and the monetary system for Federal spending and national debt.

I am watching Ron Paul speak on C-SPAN. This is from his own words, not what any one else says about him.

CONGRESS, who spends the money, gets a pass in Ron Paul's world.

Instead, Ron Paul's CENTRAL theme is that over-spending is caused by THE BANKSTERS - historically a very well-known CODE WORDS FOR JEWS -- who have secretly stolen our "sound money" and secretly taken control of our nation.

The clear meaning that "international banking interests" = Jews goes back several centuries, and is deeply ingrained among Ron Paul's supporters. It is not something easy to miss.

Ron Paul bends over backwards to AVOID blaming Congress, who actually does spend the money. Ron Paul is intentionally creating a SCAPEGOAT of bankers for all of our problems. This is the same theme in the early Nazi party of scapegoating all of Germany's ills on the Jewish financial interests and bankers in Germany in the 1930's.

The supposed Jewish conspiracy to steal our "sound money" to enslave our country sounds like the scare of Commies trying to steal our precious bodily fluids by putting fluoride in our drinking water.

Ron Paul could not be unaware that he is strumming those strings. He knows what he is doing. He might not be an anti-semite himself. But he is knowingly throwing gas on the fire of anti-semitism and hatred of Jews, who are perceived to control the banking system.

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