Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mystery of Christine O'Donnell's Rent -- SOLVED

The mystery of Christine O'Donnell's rent and campaign expenses has now been solved.

One of the scams run by the liberal news media and the Left was the claim that Christine O'Donnell was using campaign money to pay her rent. (Never mind that FEC laws and regulations allow a campaign to pay the candidate a salary. Otherwise only rich people could afford to run for office.)

All true conservatives know that the news media lies. A person who reads or listen to the mainstream media and believes what they say about a conservative leader or candidate does not have any genuine experience in conservative politics.

How many times have I attended a rally or press conference in person, then returned home to flip on the news -- and what is reported bears no resemblance to what I personally witnessed a few hours before?

So the news media attacked Christine O'Donnell. When experienced conservatives heard those stories, they immediately understood the hogwash. Conservatives know that this is the same old song the Left and their fellow travelers in the media have been singing for decades, since portraying Barry Goldwater was a war-mongering lunatic.

Christine O'Donnell's campaign reported that her U.S. Senate campaign paid "half the rent" on the condominium townhouse that Christine lived in in Wilmington, Delaware.

So imagine my surprise, when I visited my friend Christine after the election at the famous townhouse condo. Er, condos -- there are two of them!

We should have expected the Delaware news media and national news media to be completely incompetent in mis-reporting this information.

The reason the O'Donnell campaign paid "half" the rent is because 1 of 2 townhouses is 100% dedicated to office space and the other townhouse is living space. There were and are TWO (2) completely different townhouses.

But both condos were contracted through the same realtor in one single contract. So "half" the rent means ONE (1) of the TWO (2) completely different townhouses.

Christine O'Donnell's campaign paid for the townhouse used 100% completely and separately for NOTHING but office space. For convenience, the two townhouses are next door to each other. But they do not connect.

The townhouse (condo) used for living space was the half NOT paid for by the campaign.

The liberal news media, Left-wing activists, and "sore loser" moderate Republicans tried to suggest that Christine O'Donnell was living in one part of a single apartment and the other part of the same apartment was used for office space.

So I was surprised to visit the office-use townhouse as completely separate from the other townhouse used for living space. Why was I surprised?

Of course, what is different about these lies is that the Delaware Republican Party helped spread these lies. Kristin Murray worked for the Delaware Republican Party under Tom Ross, then spent 1 1/2 weeks as Christine O'Donnell's campaign manager in 2008. Christine fired Kristin Murray for not showing up to do any work. (Apparently Kristin Murray had some personal relationship crises that seemed more important at the time and distracted her from being consistent about work.)

Christine then talked to Tom Ross about the problem. So Tom Ross actually knew that Kristin Murray was not actually Christine O'Donnell's campaign manager for more than 1 1/2 weeks. Tom Ross actually knew that Kristin Murray was not a reliable source of any information about Christine O"Donnell or O'Donnell's 2008 campaign.

Yet in March 2010, Tom Ross and Kristin Murray knowingly lied to the Delaware News Journal, to national Republicans, and to Delaware and national media. Knowing it to be a lie, Delaware Republican Chair Tom Ross actively spread the slanderous lie that Christine O'Donnell was paying her personal (living space) rent with campaign funds. Tom Ross knew that to be false at the time, and knows now that he lied about Christine O'Donnell.

This is why a Delaware activist has created a website:

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