Monday, September 1, 2014

Recent Published Articles by Jon Moseley

  • GOP:  Stop Listening to "Advice" from Democrats
  • Fragile Feminists Frightened by Actress Kirsten Dunst Praising Strong Men
  • Republicans: Harry Reid Opposes his own State: 84% of Nevada owned by Feds
  • Eric Holder Should be Impeached for Violating Laws and Attorney Rules


  • In IRS Scandal, Begging Is Not an Action Plan
  • No Shortage of High-Tech Workers:  Immigration Reform / Amnesty: Not Just for Low-Skilled Workers?
  • Targeting the IRS [Suggested Action Plans in the IRS Targeting Scandal]
  • Lou Dobbs Drinks the Insider Kool-Aid
  • Jesus was Middle Class
  • Paul Ryan’s Deal Throws away 2014 Advantage
  • Charity by Force: Jesus vs. Marx
  • What is a Capitalist?
  • Barack Obama, Low Information President
  • A 2014 U.S. Senate Run for Ken Cuccinelli?
  • Government Computer Failures are Normal
  • How Ted Cruz Won the Shutdown Drama
  • Is Obama's Shutdown War on Private Business Illegal Racketeering?
  • Amnesty Driven by Voodoo Economics
  • The IRS Intervened in Tea Party Elections  [Christine O'Donnell's income tax records accessed for partisan purposes]
  • Blacks March to Oppose Amnesty [July 15 "DC March for Jobs"]
  • Right of Self Defense 1, Obama 0 [George Zimmerman trial in death of Trayvon Martin]
  • George Zimmerman's Pointless Trial
  • Real Americans Don't Trust the Government
  • Is Marco Rubio the New Charlie Crist?  [Talk Right, Vote Left]
  • Is Obama a Victim of Self-Esteem Education?
  • Border Security Promises Can Be Canceled
  • Will the Real Traitor Please Stand Up?  [Edward Snowden vs. the NSA]
  • The False Excuse of National Security
  • Should Congress Impeach Eric Holder?
  • The Spending Cuts that Never Were (the Fake Air Traffic Controllers Scare)
  • Bishop E.W. Jackson Caught "Comparing" Things:  Black Conservative Attacks Abortion, Dems Faint Dead Away
  • U.S. Military: We Could Have Saved Ambassador Stevens
  • Virginia GOP Nominates Conservative Slate
  • The IRS Scandal -- a Basic Primer
  • Debating the Heritage Foundation's Immigration Study
  • Amnesty and the Economy [No, Amnesty Will NOT Grow the Economy]
  • Obama's Incompetence Exposed by Benghazi Hearings:  What the Hearings Mean
  • Gun Control Derangement Syndrome
  • The Warmist Crisis
  • The Coming Global Warming Voter Backlash
  • Global Warming? Oops! Never Mind!
  • Legislating from the Bench on Gay Marriage
  • Priebus's GOP Autopsy Misses the Point [Editor changed my proposed title]
  • Outsourcing the Poor [the new Pope Francis cares for the poor, liberals want government control]
  • What did Rand Paul's Filibuster Mean?
  • Rand Paul Shifts Political Orbit
  • Will Ashley Judd be Kentucky's Obama?
  • Amnesty = Extinction  Amnesty = Republicans "Going Out of Business
  • The Debt Ceiling has Teeth
  • It's the Waste, Stupid!  Cutting Spending Turns on Waste (my title) 
  • Obama and the Debt Ceiling
  • The Real Country-Killer in 2013
  • The Madness of Keynesian Economics

  • AT BIZPAC REVIEW in West Palm Beach, Florida

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