Saturday, December 15, 2012

Should the Republican Party Change its Agenda to Fit the Times?

The Republican Party is torn by conflicting theories.  One part of this conflict is a claim that the Republican party should change its agenda, platform and positions simply to offer a new agenda to keep up with the times.  That is some RINO's are actually insisting that the GOP's platform should change simply to offer something new.  Not something specific or something better.  Just anything new simply to be new.

They argue that simply becuase the Republican Party is consistent and doesn't change in its positions, that is bad and makes the GOP unappealing.  To appeal to the next generation of voters, they argue, the Republican party should be offering something new (apparently always offering something new continuously to each new generation).

But we should ask:  Why would an evolving set of values be desirable?

Why would we ever want to show that the Republican Party adapts?

Republican values are either right or wrong.

They are not a question of fashion — this year’s fashion is dark blue sailor style dresses and next year’s is lace.

Truth is truth. Right is right. Wrong is wrong.

And as soon as you suggest that the Republican agenda is one of changing fashions, you have telegraphed to everyone that you actually, in reality, believe in nothing, stand for nothing and (most of all) know nothing.

Why should anyone follow you if you are willng to change your beliefs like the changing of the seasons or the shifting of the winds?

If you believe in nothing, why should anyone agree with you?

If you believe in nothing, why should anyone believe in you?

If you have no answers (no enduring values or principles) why should anyone trust you?

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