Tuesday, November 6, 2012

GOP Campaign Consultants Badly Hurt Mitt Romney's Campaign

Mitt Romney failed to convince the voters that he would be better than Barack Obama -- because he never tried.  Simply saying that Obama didn't improve the economy is not a logical argument.  Voters are smart enough to ask the other side of the question:  Would you, Mitt Romney, be any better?  Yes, Obama has been a disappointment.  But does it logically follow that Mitt Romney is necessarily a better choice?

Unfortunately, Romney’s Presidential campaign (meaning the campaign consultants who usually ruin the Republican Party) ran a campaign on the strategy of saying nothing more than
  • “Him bad! Me no him!”
A year ago Mitt Romney had tons of money and knew that the economy would be the #1 issue and would decide the election, if properly played.

So it is great that only a few days before the election 673 economists endorse Mitt Romney’s economic plan.

But why wouldn’t a campaign with plenty of money put that in motion up 8 to 10 MONTHS ago?

Mitt Romney has never tackled the most crucial question of the entire election:
“Sure, Barack Obama has not fixed the economy, but should we take a chance on you the Republican and the risk that you mght make things WORSE?”
If you are a voter who is hurting, you’re not happy with your life under Obama. But can you take a chance on the economy getting even worse if Republican policies would cause a re-run of the 2008 economic crash.

Cheerleaders for the establshment Repulicans fail to understand:

If you are a voter struggling with this economy, you survived (almost) one economic crash. You cannot afford to risk another economic crash. So if there is even the slightest chance that Republican policies might cause another crash, a rational voter would choose a bad Obama over a “worse” Romney (as they might perceive it).

Republican political gurus have run away from the issue, because they always run away from every issue and have the spines of wet linguni, for the last 4 years.

Well, now that negligence and cowardice is coming home to roost.

Republican gurus allowed Democrats to get away with bald-faced lies about what caused the Democrat-inspired economic crash in 2007 and 2008. EXIT POLLS RIGHT NOW are showing that a majority of those showing up to vote blame the bad economy on George Bush. That is very bad news for Romney, because it gives a clue to WHO is turning up to vote.

I have been in those meetings with self-proclaimed campaign experts when they wring their hands and squirm in their seats and wet their pants over the prospect of EXPLAINING something decisively and forcefully to the voters, countering Democrat lies, and taking a stand on anything. They think they are brilliant and clever by saying absolutely nothing of substance in a campaign.
While Mitt Romney has dramatically over-performed early expectations of him as a perceived establishment Republican, his actual campaign apparatus has struggled under the albatross of traditional Republican mistakes.

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