Thursday, March 1, 2012

Understanding the RINO vs. Conservative Divide in Republican Campaigns

A frequent (if enigmatic) poster on Delaware political blogs, mynym, writes:
It is ironic when Republicans take a static view of the very portion of the electorate most likely to vacillate. It’s actually not good to fit try to fit yourself in their image because there’s not much there.

Ironically, they may be more likely to respond to strong leadership simply because it is strong even when it’s not like them. After all, they don’t necessarily like themselves. And yet here politicians are trying to appeal to them when the best way to appeal to them is probably as simple as: “Just be yourself.”

mynym takes a giant step forward in analyzing the divide between the conservative wing and the establishment wing of the GOP. Notice that the REAL ISSUE is not really about issues -- but about campaign tactics. Using failed campaign tactics, the establishment types are AFRAID, and don't know why they are losing elections. They are afraid of conservative issues that are proven winners, but are criticized by the mainstream media, because establishment Republicans don't know why they can't win elections.

So they blame conservative issues and social issues -- which usually increase Republican vote totals -- instead of learning from their mistakes and growing and improving their craft.

mynym identifies part of this divide: Moderate voters who, by definition, (a) don't care quite as much about politics or the future of the country and (b) can't make up their minds and (c) are less informed about politics, become the tail that wags the dog for establishment Republicans.

Instead of PERSUADING undecided voters, with sound reasons, establishment gurus propose to figure out what the undecided middle wants -- WHEN THEY DON'T KNOW THEMSELVES -- and present a candidate that reflects what the undecided voters want. But those voters don't know themselves what they want. You have to PERSUADE, EXPLAIN, EDUCATE.

Worse, the establishment types are the self-appointed gurus who have LOST TOUCH with reality, real people, and real life, by congratulating themselves with their "sophisticated" (lacking common sense) political techniques. I know some of these people personally. To walk in to certain conservative organizations I need to bring an oxygen mask.

Romans 1:22 (NASB) "22 Professing to be wise, they became fools,"

These people run the GOP. WHY? Because they have spent so much time dutifully learning what does not work and teaching other failed ideas. While conservatives are out in the real world living real lives, and understanding real people, the self-appointed leaders of the GOP drink wine and eat cheese in anti-septic think tanks, but couldn't run a winning election to save their lives.

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