Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Judges should make unpopular decisions, says Barney Frank

I was watching on PBS, a special program called "ETHICS IN AMERICA" (Fred Friendly Seminars of the Columbia School of Journalism and Annenberg Media) in which a huge panel of distinguished experts, including Antonin Scalia, Sandra Day O'Connor, and Ted Olson discussed the role of the courts and how to choose cjudges. The panel was led by Arthur Miller of the Harvard Law School.

Congressman Barney Frank explained his views of the courts: Frank says that the purpose of judges is to make unpopular decisions. Now, one might think that he was saying that they should make decision that sometimes might be unpopular. No, that is not what he said. He specifically emphasized that making decisions which are not popular is the purpose of the judges and the courts.

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